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Since 2005 when our founder had the vision to change how medical services are provided IHC Systems has been one of the TOP Mobile Medical Service providers in the Atlanta and surrounding areas.

  • Patients love the convenience of services in-office.
  • Clients appreciate our TURN-KEY approach to in-office servives:
    • Checking Benefits
    • Scheduling Patients and Educating them on the Benefits of PFT
    • Provide Marketing Support to Patient Base
    • Provide Billing Support 
  • Vendors embrace us because we do everything with EXCELLENCE

Dr. Bill Saye, world renowned Pelvic Anatomist/Surgeon, was quoted recently saying "The IHC team is some of the most knowledgeable people in the country for Pelvic Floor Therapy."  


We Recommend THREE Simple Steps:


STEP ONE : Get your Benefits Checked 

Watch for a text or call from our Patient Coordinator who will tell you if you owe anything out-of-pocket. (Most insurance covers pelvic floor therapy, but everyone's coverage is different.)


STEP TWO : Get Educated
Watch the patient videos on this website, read the brochure and visit our Facebook site


STEP THREE : Make a Decision  

"I want to try a non-surgical, drug free solution or I want to live with my symptoms".

Whether you have significant Pelvic Floor Dysfunction or want to AVOID PFD in the future, this program is for you. Our patients range from 20 - 88 years old. We'll teach you to properly strengthen the pelvic floor muscle through exercise and electrical stimulation which is helping women and men reduce urinary and fecal leakage, reduce urge & frequency, support mild prolapse and train the muscles to relax to reduce constipation and painful intercourse.


Even for patients having surgery for PFD, participating in this program prior to surgery is producing MUCH better results from surgery. People of ALL ages are restoring their health these days, so why would the pelvic floor be any different. You have NOTHING to lose!!

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