What we hear daily from our patients is "you have restored HOPE for me."


"63 year old patient reports leaking when coughing, bending, and sneezing and she voids 16 times per day and 2 times per night. After two months of completing her exercises, patient reports going from 7 pads to 1 per day and almost all symptoms are gone."

"76-year-old patient says, "Yahoo! Slept 8 uninterrupted hours! AND no leaks! Also better orgasms!"

"55-year-old patient reports urine leakage upon standing and moving along with fecal leakage once a month. After one month, the patient reports no urinary or fecal leakage!"

"34-year-old patient, 8 weeks postpartum, with prolapse. Reported leakage when sitting and voids 17 times per day. The bulging from prolapse causes difficulty with bladder and bowel movements. After 3 weeks, the patient reported less leaks and feeling less bulge. After another month patient reported only 10 voids per day and she no longer feels bulge from prolapse."

"33 years old and has pain w/ bowel movement, only having bowel movement two times per week. After several visits, the patient reported bowel movement increase from 2 per week to 7, they are soft stools and no bleeding."

"27 yrs old, she reports that pain during sex feels achy and stabbing. Pain level 7 out of 10. After 6 visits, the patient reported pain decreased significantly."